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In the SC-Project Race division the factory tests the ultimate products and the new materials that SC-Project will use in the standard production for the exhausts of our customer's bike.

To test the components SC-Project exhausts, we chose the most demanding of all the motorbike Championships: the MotoGPTM, Moto2TM, Superbike and Supermoto World Championships.
Fighting for the winner and for the podium during the MotoGP and Moto2 races allows us to develop the highest possible technical proficiency and to improve our products with each and every race thanks to the experience and to the co-operation of the most important teams in the world.
In the 2014 MotoGPTM season SC-Project is the proud exhaust supplier of 9 of 22 riders on the grid. SC-Project is also exhaust supplier of many other teams in Moto2TM World Championship, in SBK and Supermoto World Championships. SC-Project also supports many other teams at the local level in many countries.
The partnership with these top level teams allows SC-Project to achieve a high level of technical experience and to test the our products and material.  The same technology that is acquired and developed during the World Championships is then transferred to common road products destined for our private customers.

Technology and excellence, with no compromise, that is our philosophy.


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